What to Expect with Theme Nights

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What to Expect with Theme Nights

When planning for a lifestyle holiday most places will have a 7 night themed program for couples to dress up too accordingly. This could range from a million of things and styles from any color, decade, to movie covers such as;

Lord of the dirty rings to Ghost Thrusters XXX.

Themes are great to have at any party whether it be vanilla or not, by adding a theme to the evening gives a little mystery, difference and fun to the setting.

It also gives people the opportunity to show off their creativity and in our case, our assets in our sexiest form.

In my experience when couples slip into a costume, its amazing how many people adopt a character to suit the theme.

All of a sudden you see people that are shy and lacking in confidence become someone or something else, ‘Sounds dark, but it happens’.

When I started presenting on stage I use to wear a hat. Every time I wore this hat I felt I was someone else, I could hide behind it with my thoughts, expressions and nerves.

Eventually I didn’t need the hat and I over came it, some could say I blossomed into a GOD DAM SEXUAL PREDATOR!!!

But occasionally I would still put it on, to remember that person again.

So to all that know me, I do have shy side too 🙂

Preparing for your lifestyle break away

Before your holiday has begun, you will need to purchase, make or mix a selection of costumes for your holiday.

There really isn’t a wrong way to dress up to theme nights. As long as you can justify them then it is fine, if you’re not clear just ask google… “hehe”.

Obviously if the night says; PVC, Leather or Latex, you clearly need to come in those materials, or you probably won’t feel like you fit in.

Imagine for example; the night is black and white and your husband is standing there in a tie die skirt with orange crocs and green socks pulled up to his knees. This could lead to you not getting the type of attention you wanted…”hehe”.

But the same goes for color too, if its RED, you know the rule its pretty straight forward, which I am not 😉

come in RED.

Next is your selection of shoes, bring a range to fit your outfits. We know luggage allowance is an issue, so make sure you select the sexiest ones as during the day you will be lounging around in slippers by the pool.

Remember the bigger the hotter, and I don’t mean size wise. For example the stiletto is a classic and always gives women height, a sexy posture and a great look.

If balance, dis comfort or wearing high heels is not your thing, choose shoes you feel more comfortable in. No one should be inflicting pain unless its in the dungeon with me.

But if your not use to wearing heels, you should pack at least one pair.

try something new, you got that far.

How to get started

As soon as you have reserved your vacation, the excitement begins.

The curiosity, nerves and thoughts will get the better of you.

Relax, sit down in front of a computer and start to plan together.

One of the first things will be to plan what to take with you.

Like I said above, you will receive a list of Themes to pack for.

The best way to start is to go to and enter in those themes one by one.

There you should get a good idea of what the themes are and about. Then you decide how you want to go about it whether you want to make it or purchase something online.

If your on google, click on the image icon and you will get better result.

My advice is to take some time and shop together at home from the many online sex shops on the web.

I know from past experiences when asking who buys the costumes?

The majority of answers will probably surprise you.

It appears couples either shop together, or the husband does it all!

And imagine the majority answer was…………. the husbands!!

From shoe size to breast cup, knickers to stockings, they know how to cater for their ladies!! Keep UP the good work men… in every way 😉

A lot of couples will mix and match costumes for the following reasons;

To make an outfit look better.
To make them feel more confident and stand out better.
To slut it up.
They were not to sure what to bring.
They didn’t have much choice at home.
Not enough space in the case.
They wanted to save on their luggage allowance.
Others go to great lengths to get their outfits designed and customized to suite their personalities and bodies.

This to me shows creativity and always gets the attention it deserves.

A prime example are my good friends Kasp, Gita, Vlad and Bliaba (in the picture above).

You must remember minimalism is MORE at our parties and events. The ladies get far more attention when wearing minimal clothing, sexy high heel shoes and great accessories to match as apposed to wearing bloomers and a petticoat.

Stick to the party themes and you’ll have a blast!!!! make sure it’s non vanilla and wear it with pride!!!

If any couples have any tips on searching for costumes for theme nights, feel free share with us. Please leave a comment on the link below

Enjoy the start to the summer and remember to LIVE IT!!

Dirty Sexy regards to All

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