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Greater London Swingers


How do we book?

By visiting our events page you can start your reservation process right away. Simply select the event you would like to attend then add 2 tickets to the cart then make payment for the event to confirm your attendance. The price you pay is per person for your all-inclusive, clothing-optional and week-long adventure. Therefore be sure to enter 2 as the quantity. Enjoy!

Do we need to bring any cash?

Apart from incidental expenses outside the resort, you do not need cash at an Eu4ria event. However, we offer some amazing excursions to cultural sights, places of natural beauty or specialty restaurants in the local environs. You will be able to book these excursions either before the event or on site by credit or debit card.

What does all inclusive mean?

Eu4ria's all-inclusive events provide you with a stress free getaway because all your needs have been met well in advance of your arrival date. Knowing that your en-suite bedroom, gourmet meals, delicious cocktails, branded drinks and naughty entertainment are already paid for, means that you can truly relax. Spend a week at an Eu4ria event and you will wonder how soon you can book yourselves on the next one.

Will we have to have sex with other people?

No, you will not be required to have sex with other people. Our Eu4ria events provide a fun and sexy environment for couples to behave as they please. Some couples are simply curious or are voyeurs or exhibitionists. Other couples like to be more active. All our events are clothing-optional but only you can determine your boundaries or levels of comfort when exposed to sexual activity. We simply recommend that you keep an open mind and understand that NO means NO.

What is a playroom?

A playroom is a clean and well-equipped area where you can meet other couples, actively participate in sexual activities or simply relax and watch. Eu4ria provides free condoms, lube and clean towels for your pleasure.

Do you provide entertainment?

Absolutely, we provide a week of non-stop sexy fun. Whether it is nude yoga or informative workshops in the morning; clothing-optional games in the afternoon; or cocktails in the bar or Jacuzzi during the early evening, you will be delightfully entertained until dinner. After dinner, you will enjoy one of our arousing shows before getting dressed for one of our signature theme parties and then play until the early hours of the morning.

What is the atmosphere like at an Eu4ria event?

Our events are relaxing by day and exhilarating at night. You will feel part of an intimate family and be accepted for who you are and whatever boundaries you might have. The fun and sexy atmosphere is provided by naughty games, erotic workshops, delicious cocktails, playrooms, jacuzzis and our signature theme parties.

What is the age group for those attending Eu4ria events?

Eu4ria has a growing membership of couples aged 40 years and older. Many of these couples have been to swinger resorts or attended local swinger clubs in the past. However, now they want to join an organisation that provides luxury getaways where sexual play with other couples is both encouraged and initiated.

Where do you operate?

We operate Eu4ria events at bespoke locations throughout Europe. Our events attract mature couples in committed relationships (either married or cohabiting) who like to meet other couples like themselves and explore their sexual fantasies together.

What is eu4ria.org?

Eu4ria is the brand name for a couples only clothing-optional events company. We plan, organise and host week-long, all-inclusive events for liberal-minded couples to interact with other adventurous couples in an accepting and discreet environment.

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