Eu4rias First Event in Tenerife

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Eu4rias First Event in Tenerife

Last week I finished Eu4ria’s first event in Tenerife. After nearly missing my boat, traveling across choppy seas, sharing a cabin with three snoring truckers, I then reached Border Control. I was apprehensive with my Nissan full of condoms, fetish wear, toys and weapons of rectum destruction but, I arrived home safely and cuddled my canine companion “Dieselicious”, who was waiting patiently for me. The joys of getting home after a fantastic week away.

So, on that note, my trip took me to Tenerife to host Eu4ria’s first event. I must say, after weeks of planning and some fantastic support from old and new friends, the event was a huge success. We were sexually blessed with a great bunch of couples. These fourteen couples checked in on the Monday and partied all through the week until the following Monday, when they all left slightly jaded, aching a little ALL over but with a big Eu4ric smile.

For this first event, the Dream Team consisted of some of the best in the adult entertainment business. I was joined by the lovely Monse Huerga (top erotic photographer), Keri the Diamante Doll (top lifestyle erotic performer of the year), DJ BE-GO with boobs and Daniel the driver, our very own Irish MMA fighter.

But, of course, this launch event could not have been possible without my colleagues, who provided the cash, the prizes and all the administration and logistics that enabled me and the Dream Team to run a successful event. I would like to say again a HUGE ‘Thank You’ to both of them and of course my amazing team that supported, performed and gave their all alongside me 😉 xxx.

The Flow of the Event

So I thought I would give you a run down of how our days generally flowed. Each day was a 16 hour shift. My team and I started at breakfast, offering light stretching activities to get people moving and shaking their bodies to the beat.

Top tip to you all is “Twerking with a hangover doesn’t go Well”.

Then we provided a sexy class at noon for the ladies. We designed a range of classes based around seducing and performing. I would like to say that we can teach you in a week, to hypnotize your prey whether it be; your partner or someone of your choice.

What never comes as a surprises, is how always their is a big macho man in one of these specific classes. a prime example is sexy guests, Paul and Nicolas taking the 2 hours extensive course in BE-GO cosmetic corner. these men were taught to apply their makeup in several different ways and shades within 2 hours. Not a pretty sight, lol. Sorry Boys.

Once everyone had finished lunch, we started with our group fun and workshops. But soon the afternoon came and it was DJ party in the Jacuzzi with naughty games. We hosted a Foam party on the Saturday, which one cannon shot out so much foam it took over the whole terrace area and engulfed the guests in the tub. I LOVED IT, it was like being in a fun filled igloo with wandering hands, JO lol.

Like clockwork, the time flowed and as soon as they got into the Jacuzzi, the cava was flowing and the hands were wandering, and within minutes the action had begun. Each afternoon party lasted up to 3 to 4 hours before we had to sound down the music and cut the chi of the action. This was simply to get people to go and get changed and not miss their dinner.

Picture this; the women slightly tipsy trying to apply their makeup whilst squeezing into a corset in under 20 minutes, it’s a 2 man job or a job for a Formula 1 pit crew, “It’s CRAZY”

But never the less they all managed to CUM (come) just in time 😉 hehe.

Every evening we hosted pre-dinner drinks in the reception where we would wait for all the guests to arrive. We decided for this event, we would enter the restaurant as a unit and dine together.

All the guests were given the 7 different dress codes for the week when they made their reservations, It was so great to see everyone make the effort in high spirits. But the decision was so hard to pick one, so I made the audience vote, and yes there was a winner. T & S. Well done again guys, next event I expect the same efforts, even if your case was over slightly, hehe xxx

Once the guests entered the restaurant, they were presented with a menu of the week, which they were given on arrival.

Now at this venue, they take pride in their cuisine and preparing everything fresh. Unlike most all inclusive establishments, this one has prepared a menu with the correct dietary and nutrition needed for one body to take. I can honestly say the food served throughout the week was of top quality and outstanding every night.

Well except for the incident of confusion where Jan dipped a chocolate finger into the spicy salsa dip…… Suck and then Yuk, Jan xxx.

Once all the guests had finished their dinner, they made their way down to our decorated disco where the scene was set for every evening.

DJ Be-GO was ready with her selection of music, Keri was prepping and stretching for her numbers and I was ready and on queue to start the night on the mic.

We did a combo each evening of erotic shows, competitions, and to end the entertainment a best dressed presentation with a twist. This was generally followed by a mass orgy in the playroom.

Keri as per usual choreographed some cracking erotic performances, and got the crowd aroused and hanging off their seats.

I followed on from her show where I hosted the competitions. I will say I love a game or two, it seems to get most people relaxed and in the right mood, well depending the game, hehe. As you know a little naughty fun goes a long way in our world.

But never the less the night turned into early mornings and it was matter of jumping into bed, shutting the eyes and preparing the PARTY routine all over again, 7 folds. 😉

Favorite moment
From start to finish it was a true delight. I think my team, hotel staff and I enjoyed just as much as our guests did. From sexual hardcore moments, to the comical ones. we truly had 7 amazing days of many great memories to look back at, I have decided to share with you my favorite story from the week “The Egg Hunt Challenge”.

It was Bad Friday, and we were half way through the event. Before we entered for lunch I had hidden 10 white eggs inside the restaurant. The guests were given the mission to find as many eggs as possible in order to gain points for a competition. The person that gathered the most eggs, continued the Easter challenge with my new challenge….hunt the Easter KUNT.

Now my good friend Jarle got most of the eggs, and in his moment of glory I handed him a pink remote controller. This little device activated no Ferrari but one very large sized LILO Love egg. Which might I add, ladies, has 10 multiple speeds and works from a far distance radios, hehe.

Well one hour before we were due to go and eat, I slipped the egg to one of the least expecting guests, she happily agreed to engulf my egg and harvest it for The Egg Hunt Challenge.

The challenge was for Jarle to identify at the end of lunch who had the egg inside them without asking direct questions. Now I didn’t specify if it was a man or woman which made it that bit more difficult.

But Jarle was pressing the buttons in hope to get some expression from the culprit’s face. All throughout the hour and half meal, the remote was being used and abused and passed around each table with no mercy.

My sweet T sat through 4 courses with the large egg inside her and she didn’t flinch a eye lid. How she ate her chicken dish was beyond me. you will go down in history in my eyes T. Thank you for lending me your vagina.

When I confronted T at the end, she looked flustered but T is a hard GIRL. I knew she could take the beat, lol.

Jarle unfortunately didn’t get it correct, but he was close. I guess in his eyes Clare looked like she was having a good time all the time, lol.

I on the other hand, am still cleaning the wet egg, that’s how I know she had a good time.

Like I said above. The whole event was a blast and I can’t wait to do the next one.

To all the guests, that attended the first event, I just wanted to express my thanks again and tell you I love and miss you all 🙂

If you are interested or curious in coming to any of our future events, send me a message to , via the website or ring me on

0034 660 457 909

Liberal Love to the World!

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