Defining Swinging

Eu4ria attracts like-minded couples from all over the world. Many of them are of different ages and sizes but all of them want a chance to meet, flirt and interact with others in a safe and accepting environment. After hosting many events, I have noticed that there are three common characteristics about these couples: they are comfortable within themselves; are strong in their relationships; and have easy-going personalities. All the couples seem to follow their own rules which they have discussed before arriving at an event. As I have rarely seen problems arising when couples play or interact with others at Eu4ria events, I can only imagine that this lack of drama is because they have discussed everything beforehand in an open communication and have set their own boundaries. The term I like to use to describe our guests at Eu4ria is “Lifestylers”. To give you an idea of the type of couples you are likely to meet at our Eu4ria events, I have identified specific categories into which the majority of our guests fit:

• Swingers, Full or Soft swap
• Naturists
• Voyeurs
. Exhibitionists
• Curious
• Fetish


These are couples who interact and play with other couples in various sexual ways. Generally, these couples will either be full swap or soft swap players. The full swap players are more likely to be looking for the most suitable couple with whom they can enjoy full sexual intercourse and penetrative sex. The soft swap players prefer a more gentle approach, and are more likely to be looking for foreplay or oral sex with another couple or within a group.


Typically, naturist couples will attend an event with the sole intention of roaming around naked and feeling free. But, the naturists I have met seem to want to become involved with their partners and enjoy being sociable and participating in our erotic games.


These couples simply want to watch others interact and play. As a result, they heighten their own sexual experience with each other.


These are couples who enjoy having sex with each other in full view of other couples. However, they do not necessarily play with other couples at an event.


These are couples who are at that stage in their relationship where they have discussed and talked about trying new sexual activities. These couples attend Eu4ria events to get a better understanding of the swinging lifestyle in a safe, discreet and accepting environment.


This refers to couples who get sexually aroused by clothes, objects, body parts, discipline or bondage. The most common fetishes I come across are a desire to wear rubber, men wearing tights, foot lovers, mild spanking and the art of rope tying.

Whatever the categories into which you and other lifestylers might fit, the reality is that all guests at our Eu4ria events have a genuinely fantastic time and look forward to returning to future events to make new friends and to interact with other liberated couples.


Here is a comprehensive list of tried and tested sex equipment for you both to enjoy.

1. Pleasurements
A beautiful lingerie shop and erotic wear boutique in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

2. Erotic Review
Sex education for the better informed and intellectually curious

3. The Stock Room
An extensive selection of premium quality whips, chains and paddles for those couples wishing to explore their BDSM fantasies.

4. Swingers clothing
Feel sexy and confident at Eu4ria’s signature theme parties by wearing gowns, jock straps or swinger costumes.

5. Hex condom
Protection and Sensation with the latest revolution in safe sex – The Hex Condom

6. Liberator sex cushion
The greatest invention for sex since the bed – The Liberator sex cushion gives you proper support and balance no matter how hard or fast you play.

7. Intimate shaving
Practices by lovers for centuries, beautify your body with a range of intimate shaving lotions, after-shave care and personal bleaching

8. Penis model
Ensure that the memories linger longer by giving her the ultimate penis casting system.

9. Mindfulness book
Express yourself with this 24 page adult colouring book depicting the Japanese erotic art form known as Shunga.

10. Chocolate body paint
Use your fingers to draw basic shapes or swirling designs on your partners body with this specialty-designed and virtually fat-free chocolate body paint.

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